Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teg...are you out there??

Stole these pics off one of your friend's show Grandma! She always wants to see you dressed up. What's all that on your chest!? : )

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today's Project

Hand-printed some cards. Carved a sea-shell block a couple weeks ago and assembly-lined them. Mixed white printing ink with brown/pink/golden to make a rare "Sunrise Shell", then added silver sparkle edges and rhinestones; pale coffee bow tied inside. Meanwhile, I pinned more on Charlotte...while cards were drying...hmm. Coffee, must have coffee.

Friday, April 25, 2008


When I posted 'Rat King' on my other page, I realized that I hadn't used my favorite pens in a LONG time...Sakura Microns. These became my fast friends when I found a box in the school art closet that hadn't been used in 7-10 years. I did the entire "Surreal City" drawing (writing page) with them & they still worked; thus inspiring an artistic frenzy. Since then I've purchased more, but sadly they don't last nearly as long as the old type did...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Johnny Get Your Gun

One of the coffee shop guys told me this a.m. that Dennis (Paula's dad) had been attacked. He didn't say by what so I called their house early this morning. He had been out in the cornfield clearing a large rock when 2 pitbulls jumped him. They live 13 miles out in the country; the owner came out of his house up the road and starting yelling, which only increased the dogs aggressiveness. At the hospital Dennis was told that his own insurance would have to cover the series of rabies shots he would endure (since it happened on his property!!??) The dogs were put in quarantine for 10 days since they had no vaccinations-- then the owner would pay a fee to get them back??!! Brig said the dogs had chased him when he was out jogging; that they had jumped Paula's nice farm dog twice. There's a 3 yr old that lives up the lane now-- what about him?, or Paula and her sister--both lovely girls--if Dennis couldn't get the dogs off...

Castle Bravo

My daughter had mentioned traveling to the Marshall Islands last summer and eventually I decided to google the place. I've spent a few nights reading about this sad mishmash of horrors and am ashamed that I'd grown up knowing nothing about it. My God, how could this happen? I had wanted to see airfare prices--was it within budget to send her there? Not really, now. As I wrangled the computer away from Briggs tonight, I reminded him to save $ if he's still traveling to Kaunakakai on Hawaii's 'Leper' Island. As he went off to bed, I asked him to check on me at 4:00am since my side is aching weirdly and the doctor wouldn't see me today...he responded with an eye roll and told me to check out Pen Island too-- the dotcom site. Then he ran up the stairs... OH GAWD!! I am so gullible. groan

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kansas Dorks

Found this old pic of a class reunion--seems we have beaver teeth here. Aren't we sumpthin'!? The 2 guys right behind and 2 in front of me are good friends, but don't hardly ever get together--must change that!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pretty as a Picture

The kidlets had Prom yesterday; at least it wasn't freezing out. I will improve these pics later, but they were a lovely couple. The dress was homemade and entirely beaded by hand; yeah! The Tulip Festival was in full swing at the park, so there were limited areas to take photos...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pains, oops more...

Pain in the neck, pain in the butt, pain in the ass... I told my mom right before Easter that I had a pain in my side and was fearful that I might have pulled something in my stomach or abs on the weights deck. (Especially since I'm not real sure what I'm doing up there!) She calls me back the next night--my sister had gone to the doc to get her asthma/allergy relief and casually mentioned that she had a side-ache. Incredibly, she underwent emergency surgery the next morning and has PMP- a very rare form of cancer. I read about it online and it sounds like she may end up in Texas. So, I keep poking a finger into my abs now and then (yes, probably a pulled muscle) but I finally broke down and made an appt for May... Hope all goes well for her. Now: must address envelopes.
Geez--forgot that Brig is wallowing in self-pity with a bright red ear and swollen jaw line--abscessed tooth, poor guy. It's killing him so he goes to the dentist soon-- I must be a wimp and need to suck it up!
So on a lighter note, when I was over at Barry and Sandy's eating soup and delicious warm bread this weekend, somehow our conversation branched out into the absurd. Maybe the dark beer helped...but our tangent had something to do with a new movie that was out: we were talking about bumps in the road being dead adulteresses that were chucked onto the highway...! We were giggling like mad! That's just as bad as telling my daughter that baby chicks couldn't nurse because their beaks would fill up with feathers if they tried. Then it would be like having a mouthful of peanut butter...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Card Buddy is Back

Card man got back from Thailand (& Korea, Laos, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia...) without getting killed and with loads of cool photos! He's doing some subbing in the area. You must post the pictures on a blog for our viewing pleasure. (My jealousy abounds and makes me wonder where I put my Guatemala pics...) Now I must relearn how to play spades, since my memory is a sieve!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brett Kicks Butt

Brett, Brigham's best friend, has qualified for Olympic Trials in the Javelin this weekend. Very cool! All those years of throwing rocks at my head have paid off. He always has had a helluva'n arm. I put some more pics lower of both of them...when I find some of their little hunting/fishing/lawnmower pics, I will post them too, tee hee! Congrats!
Oops--failed to say that Brett now ranks 4th in the Nation and broke the record at his college by more than 8 feet and has been named T-Mobile's Athlete of the Week!

Umm. Johnny Depp. Sigh.

It was decided (between myself & Paula!) that Brigham will be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween this year. I'll start the costume in July (Jack Sparrow took all summer too, but it was worth it.) I found the perfect dress (the one you see here) for Paula and we are taking the liberty of inventing a new character—Edward must have a wife! Random black and white materials have been saved just for this purpose, black leather belts, the boots, and making their 'hands' should go well too—a seed salesman gave me a ton of lightweight plastic corn signs to cut and paper mache. Why? Because Johnny Depp is interesting, odd, hot, and...there's just something about his personality that makes me think he doesn't really know who he is me!. Well, a group of us went to see Sweeney Todd. I'd forgotten about all the songs-- I took Brig' to see it onstage at the Columbian Theatre when he was a little boy and we loved it-- a twist ending, a slamming door—we jumped 5 ft in the air and were deliciously frightened. However, he must of remembered there was more singing than I did, because he refused to go! I was impressed that Johnny could sing-- but I found myself staring and staring at the shoulder seams on his vest and thinking, ' how was that sewn?...that's not a pattern I've seen before' attention! I really liked it but a couple times I wished for more dialogue. Loved all the clothing; I usually focus on things like that (and the decadent horror). I guess I like costumes that look real. Not too clean for their time period. Well worn. Arg. Can't concentrate-- must sew.