Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Friday, May 30, 2008


My son just called and woke me up to insist that I watch a youtube video...
For some reason I can't post and they are way too long anyway. But talk about far I have watched Tool's Schism, Stinkfist, and Parabola.
Intensely creepy!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mesmerized Beyond All Reason

The summer that I decided to throw caution to the wind and start living a bit; the year I decided to revert back to my youth and let loose a little (mostly legal this time!); my summer of 'fun' and a few drinks, was the year Bail graduated—it must be a daughter thing because it hit really hard...

When I was 14, I had met a guy at the city park after several of us were finished tanning at the swimming pool...he walked up with another guy and to this day I have no idea what the conversation was that afternoon...he had the kind of eyes that you drown in, the kind of eyes you worship and only read about in books...that suck you in and you hit rock bottom...Oh God, I was a goner.

If I could only begin to describe what I felt-- the heart crushing rush and the insane adoration and the hell and would take pages...

Anyway, a few year ago some of us were sitting down at the local Steakhouse perched up at a round table on high oak stools and... we'd had a several beers. It was nearing midnight and I was facing the side door of the place when it suddenly opened and a young guy walked in; light brown hair and tall with a slight build. But it was the eyes-- once he walked in he was facing directly toward me and there is no other way to say it: our eyes just locked. I was so shocked and mesmerized that I really did gasp outloud at that very instant...I think only my cop buddy heard me but I could not look away... That guy started walking towards us and staring and I thought I would never breathe was THOSE kind of eyes and my God it was the most powerful, enticing look I had ever felt. He knew one of the other guys at our table and stood behind his stool making small talk, but I swear his eyes never lost their hold and I was aware that my friend was talking to me and I answered (I think), but I could absolutely NOT look away. I was totally frozen and wanted it to last forever...I think my chest and mind and throat were swirling. Totally in TRANCE. He didn't stay but for a few moments, which was probably good because if he would of sat down I don't think I could have functioned.
I will tell you one thing though...without saying a word, if he would have snapped his fingers, I think I would have walked out that door without a second thought.

And after I 'woke up' I was too embarrassed to ask my friend who he was; I know he could tell I was rattled...
But to experience that feeling I guess I was lucky to have ever felt anything like that at all and twice in my life?! How I wish I knew who that guy was. Man, I need a fix like that right now...

Hmmmmm gotta play my trance song below while I re-read this... gotta quit thinking about this and WAKE UP!

In Trance

Love the Scorpions.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Riley Woodward

Found a pic of Wamego freshman Riley running at the State Meet this morning...his was the first picture posted! Riley is a hard worker and a kick-butt artist (nice drawings!) too...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wamego KS 4a Track Regionals

I went out for a jog this a.m. and was thinking about an earlier blog post...that the meet was 'uneventful'--for me. I was helping at the meet last night and I realize that I misspoke (just because MY kid graduated last year....). We had a wonderful day in Wamego, the 15 visiting teams were great-mature and mannerly; everyone did a nice job.
Every kid that was at Regionals should be commended for their performances and I don't care what place they came in or whether they made it to finals or not. Every kid that went out for track (or any activity) whatsoever should be commended for putting forth effort. It was exciting to watch all the prelims and finals and interesting to hear that students pr'ed in field events and running. My heart goes out to those that didn't quite make the final four, or crashed and burned--like hurdles; but they should all be very proud of themselves regardless. Thank you parents, coaches, guys and girls-- GREAT JOB! It was fun.
I'll have to go to later to see the rankings....
Topeka Capitol had nothing written, but results were online:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Joey Krug

Since we had done so much reminiscing last Friday, it made me wonder about the local band we worshiped in the 70's... "Limousine". Little Joey Krug, not too talkative, eye candy guitarist from Topeka KS, the guy with long black hair down his back and ebony lid liner, that we girls ogled many a weekend.
"Limousine"--cursive and spelled with 2 tilted stars instead of art class and on our notebooks, we perfected that logo over and over again. It seems that Joey Krug does still jam in a band, maybe called "Warlok"? opening for acts like "Black Oak Arkansas". Aaahhh... The Jolly Troll in Holton KS; had heard it reopened... could it be the same exact bar(n) and open-air dance floor that I remember???