Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Crapfts to Post!

Lately I've been a real slacker about typing 'the written word'. Instead I've cruised and perused the Internet, googling lame items: old fairy tales, good/bad art, experimenting with tutorials, best routes to Alaska, weather, and laughing my a$$ off at random sites such as Homemade Hilarity, a blog of bad crafts. Did I say 'bad'? So sorry--I meant atrocious!

I wrote on someone's post that I will be damn certain to post my Crapfts regardless of this newly found threat of public humiliation, devastating embarrassment and the possible crushment of self-esteem... By GOD, I will post my junk and you'll like it. Well, even if ya don't I still think I have great drawing skills. Most the time!

So here's a couple more pages of a painted baby book I just started...Yes. Crap made from crap:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Attempt at a Rat Doll...

Not as cool/icky as I wanted... perhaps with an old lace collar or ballet skirt.
: (
This is my first attempt at paperclay thanks to Gail Lackey's explanation. But my creature is already broken and I may try something like my mermaid doll on my trash art site instead....

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was on the phone a few minutes ago thinking ‘that this is possibly my last phone call to Hawaii’, as Bailey and Nate are leaving Kaunakakai in the wee morning hours. Boo Hoo! (Well, last phone call until May, when my oldest submarines back to Oahu to reside for a while.)

The couple has decided to forgo their island lifestyle in exchange for climatic differences—and I don’t just mean weather. Their belongings have been packed, shipped, sold, and traded for their next adventure…Bailey is going to finish her degree (no universities on Molokai!) and Nate will give up tropical diving for other work. This is probably a good thing, because no one should be exposed to prolonged water pressure on the brain! (I guess this goes for submariners too, for that matter!)

I guess I shouldn’t be self-centered since all my ‘Molokai money’ (vacation for 3 ½ people) had to go for a major vehicle repair in November anyway… and I probably couldn’t of saved up that much again by June so maybe I really couldn't of gone on a trip…but I am happy for them as young, brave adults, getting ready for the next journey and stage in their lives…see you soon!