Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wamego KS 4a Track Regionals

I went out for a jog this a.m. and was thinking about an earlier blog post...that the meet was 'uneventful'--for me. I was helping at the meet last night and I realize that I misspoke (just because MY kid graduated last year....). We had a wonderful day in Wamego, the 15 visiting teams were great-mature and mannerly; everyone did a nice job.
Every kid that was at Regionals should be commended for their performances and I don't care what place they came in or whether they made it to finals or not. Every kid that went out for track (or any activity) whatsoever should be commended for putting forth effort. It was exciting to watch all the prelims and finals and interesting to hear that students pr'ed in field events and running. My heart goes out to those that didn't quite make the final four, or crashed and burned--like hurdles; but they should all be very proud of themselves regardless. Thank you parents, coaches, guys and girls-- GREAT JOB! It was fun.
I'll have to go to later to see the rankings....
Topeka Capitol had nothing written, but results were online:

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