Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Pain. Hey Texas Deb!

Guess this doesn't have much to do with the 'art page', but maybe it does!
Since a friend of mine killed himself a few weeks ago due to his horrific back pain, I shall post my own summer's back pain relief: a handful of pills and 2 beers, usually at bedtime.
Of course I use the excuse of "collecting beer caps" as an artistic endeavor (I really DO use them and love them); this means I search the shelves for an elusive colorful cap and its getting to be a rather fun (nei painful habit) .

This summer when I was house-sitting, Texas Deb brought up a few different six-packs since the few that were already in the fridge were running low. Combined with Sandy's idea of using caps in a musical instrument, I added many to my collection. Many.
Then Cowboy Doug showed up, so I have even more, plus the local bar/steakhouse is saving them up 'for that lady with the hair'.
I watched a show on 'hoarding' last night--while I realize I am on the brink of this OCD, all the junk I save is used in art projects. 'Someday projects'.
Hey, Texas Deb! (Finally went into the new store last week and shopped--tell Monty 'good job'!)

Anyway: Out of too many kinds to google, I finally settled on the last 4 as my summer favorites. (Not that I've stopped 'researching' the topic, as my chiropractor says I need a neurosurgeon or the Mayo Clinic; I opted for acupuncture next!)
This is totally out of character for me. Somewhat.

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