Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Man in a Box. Men in a Box.

I have so much junk around I don't know whats what...I opened up a box expecting to find some of my CD's--but found some dirty clay heads/hands that I sculpted when I was going through a doll phase. Heavy Judo dolls to be exact, all with hand-made wooden geta sandals and perfect little black belt white cotton pants/quilted gis. Maybe I would stick to my hobbies longer if I didn't put so much damn detail into everything I do and burn myself out!

My favorite head (blurry here) was heart-breakingly dropped onto the floor when completed: hear 'wettish splat', but I fired it anyway and it hangs high on the wall since he still was my favorite guy...
So, Dan, when you think of Man in the Box, at least it's not as crowded!

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