Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Monday, August 25, 2008

August Insects

When I was on the front porch roof painting with a brushsicle--my brush duct-taped on a stick (afraid of heights/ladder too freaky), Brigg 'rescued' me from a nest of wasps.
I thought he was just going to spray them, but he whipped out a lighter too and did the Schwarzenegger/Van Damme immense ball of fire/flame-thrower thing while I screamed in fright and had an angry heart-attack. (Sorry, I don't really like Jean-Claude, so I usually refer to him as Dirt Clod Van Damme and I was pissed as hell at this form of weaponry, because Brig nearly burnt me, the roof, and the nearby cedar tree and I don't approve of torches created from aerosol cans... Idiots!)
Red arrow=too high!

But the wasps are everywhere.

This is the time of year when I usually head out to a pond/pasture/roadside and observe bug activities, so I hope my trucks repaired soon. They're very prevalent now and our high school used to give a major insect-collecting project so we have an immense net. If you go out to MudFeet Farmer's pasture, several dung beetles will be rolling poo along the cow paths while helicopter-size dragonflies hover overhead.

Huge hornets have been digging burrows on this block; here's one straddling his victim. I watched him buzz slowly around the yard, struggling with the weight of a huge cicada:

Three times I've seen an ichneumon traveling around waist high, but every time I grab the net, it disappears, so this one's from google: (It looks like a flying thread.)

Brigg caught the biggest praying mantis I've ever seen (besides Bail's); here's it's pic through glass. It was about 5" long with creepy skinny legs:

Later 3 of us roamed the neighborhood and saw some swallowtail caterpillers and the monarch/tobacco worm ones--greens white black yellow--very pretty. We used to freeze and pin our creatures in the bugbox, but now we just keep them for a day and release them for other to enjoy...or fear!

The Release of the Mantis:

And here's the back of the house where I moved the little ladder which I will NOT use. It's laying there at an angle. Guess I'll have to find a longer pole for my brushsicle, as you can see where I chickened-out on the scraping! See that dinosaur sheet hanging over the window? That would be Tegan's and I better take it down before it fades since he got it when he was in 5th grade, I think! I'm sure he would want it on his bed!

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