Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Picasso Outdoors

It was really nice today (unlike last weekend where my son read 2 Michael Crichton books, 2 I tell you,--imagine the dull, dreary weekend in which a youngster actually stays at home with a parent and READS because there is nothing in this godforsaken neck of the woods to do, even with friends; when its chilly and rainy and depressing and his mom is writing melodramatic love stories from her teeny-bopper past; thanks a lot for the guffawing reaction your comments evoked brother Bri,--I am sheepish 'cause what I wrote was retarded, so your fun-poking was quite funny, thank you!) so I was outside taking care of my newly planted tomatoes and peppers, and watering my tropical Hawaiian plants that I brought home to the yard from work.

As I was weeding and listening to knifegirl (who almost stabbed her dog when one didn't stick into her target), I thought about our gas station/work conversation over love lives: "if you marry beneath you, your wife'll be grateful and not mess around", "if you marry an ugly girl, they'll be grateful and not mess around", "is it better to marry above or below yourself?", "you should imagine what your lover would do if you were confined to a wheelchair--would they stay or would they go (hey, isn't that a song?!)"who would want to DO HER when she never brushes her teeth and they're greenbrown, so why does she always have men on her porch", etc etc etc

Is the upcoming warm weather upheaving hopes of love in general? What a hot topic!

Ugh Aagh Aaack!

Don't know what to tell Dan about his dreams....I myself am wondering about a certain someone who I was talking to in my back yard the other night, that I've eyed for many years; all we do when we see each other is stammer and grin hugely, yet it never goes anywhere....
Perhaps dreams are where it's at. At least relationships can stay positive in your dreams.

As far as being outside goes...look at my awesome grouping of blowgun darts (a handspan), particularly the one that stuck in the other--tee hee! and I'd left some cheap watercolors out on the porch. A raccoon is back and is trying his hand (paw) at painting!

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