Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
Inside the front door...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Town...

Just some buildings and things around town. Luckily its still green and not yellow and dry like it usually becomes in July/August. This year we've had million dollar rains.
The potato cellar building is partially sunk into this hillside. It contains 3 apartments and is about 2 blocks S. of me. I will have to ask someone about its history...

The Dutch Mill at the City Park, which grinds grain when working properly.

The hazy pic is Rambler's Bar and Grill--delicious steak on Thursday night for under ten bucks. You can see the hind end of a police car to the north of the building. The police station used to be the old there is now another bar in town--people weren't comfortable stumbling out of Ramblers in full view of der Polizei! Ramblers closes around 9:00 now, so you have to spend the rest of your evening at Lincoln Street Station. That other building that says 'Barleycorns' is the smokeless bar, but I haven't seen it open yet.

Then there is the little museum building down by the park.. lots of interesting items in there. Copfriend has lots of interesting items in his backyard too, where he restores countless Jeeps....hmmm, I broke the gas pedal on mine last time I tried to start the engine...hmmm!

Lastly, this big building used to be a funeral parlor. One of my son's friends rented part of it before it was completely made into apartments. We went in one night about 1:00 am and saw remnants of funeral parlor stuff--like the antique makeup kits, old bottles (embalming fluid?), piles of what looked like ashes (huh?), all very dark and creepy--you can go on the flat part of the roof and yell out the odd windows at other people who are wobbling home from the bar across the street!

Oh, and the gas station is my 'coffee house' across the alley from me. Coffee is a quarter a cup, if you bring your own!

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