Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

CMM or Motorcycle Steve

Central Mechanics Man came by the yard a couple times yesterday—catching me pacing & yakking on my phone, then hammocking and yakking on my phone—guess that looks pretty lazy!

When Steve rode by the 2nd time, not in his truck, I could imagine: the freedom of the blacktop guiding his way, the wind through his hair, exposed to the sun….aaahhh the joys of a Harley, I mean the Riding Lawnmower puttering on by on a return journey from the fixit shop…ha ha!

Motorcycle Steve informed me he was going home to mess on his computer, thus this blog. Yes CMM lives a block from the river, a block from Messiah Man, but I haven’t had any reason to mention him before, other than the fact that he doesn’t tie his shoes at 5:30am and I have seen him on the lawnmower in his yard, performing a daredevil hairpin turn on his extremely steep hill, nearly spilling himself into the street….ha ha again!

I should mention that many ‘normal’ people that do appear at the gas station in the wee morning hours do not have their boots or shoes tied—this must require a certain amount of caffeine before one’s spine is ready to take on the challenge of flexing down—and rising in an upright position again. I don’t know….I slip on flipflops.

Now, when writing a blog, they require illustration to hold your interest, so I was going to put on this Harley pic of my favorite rider and the Harley logo reminded me of an incident at Walmart this morning. (If you go fairly early, it’s not ungodly busy and I usually enjoy Gay Greeter Man gush ‘I jus luv yore haaiir!’. I feel sorry for this guy because I wonder if he has many friends.) I digress.

Over by the health/beauty aids I saw a large African American man talking on his cell phone—confused—standing by the feminine hygiene products. This amused me until he suddenly turned around and said, “Hey! I need help! Uh uh…what are ‘WINGS’? My girlfriend wants….” Etc. I was probably turning red (he wasn’t) and I just pointed to a box. Then he wanted to know which ones were heavy duty (in my mind I wanted to laugh and say ‘Ugh. The ones that feel like you’re wearing a diaper?’), but that would be too much unpleasant and tacky information, so I just pointed at another box while he read her the text…

Here's some better WINGS:

& another pic of Billy the God of Chopper's Inc..... (having trouble posting pics, hope his gorgeousness is here....)

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