Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall

Chinese Robe and Diamond Wall
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Time.... June 28th is nearly here!

Stress! I can't get anything done right! Would like to blog more, but haven't the time. Today and yesterday I had to pick and pit cherries. Tonight I made 2 10" rum cakes and a 6", and 1 14" chocolate stout cake. I need 2 more of those. I already have several carrot cakes in the freezer and 3 lemon layers. Soon the raspberries will be ripe and it looks like there might be tons. Then apricots. So one of the cakes will be whatever fruit is ready when Bail comes back.
Big Cake/3 tiers:
Bottom-- deliciously heavy Chocolate Stout w/ 3 chocolate cream layers.
Middle-- lemon zest with tart lemon syrup and 3 lemon curd layers.
Top-- Carrot, 2 types, 3 cream cheese layers.
Other cake:
Tortuga Rum (you CAN'T stop eating this!)
and probably some type of raspberry Amaretto

A nice friend is making a white sheet cake for those non-adventurous types!

Most verything is wrapped and frozen and then I must start the glaze/filling/frosting stuff.
And finish the DRESS!
(When I thought we might be in a tornado the other night, I wrapped it up and took it to the basement with me-- by God, that's one item that will not get sucked out the windows!)
Table decorations possibly Thursday...Flowers-- Bailey can send 100 orchids from Hawaii for $16.00! yeah!....Punch?!

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Dan W Johnson said...

Baking, now that's a lot of work... not that I've ever done any... hey wait a sec, that's not totally true I made the muffin recipe on the back of the Red River cereal box once. Do Pillsbury croissants count? Wrapped around wieners of course. I've always liked to watch cooking shows and I'm hooked on the Food Network. I can cook but most of my recipes aren't what you would usually serve guests (not that I ever have any) but they work for me.
What happens on June 28 ? I should probably know this from your blog... good memory just really short.
I live in the suburb North Vancouver, across Burrard Inlet from the city of Vancouver. The average price of a single dwelling house here is $1,000,000, it's ridiculous but it's a pretty nice spot. It's close to the tree line so we get our share of black bears, racoons, deer and coyotes (the last two seem to gravitate to the golf courses). We also have a bazillion squirrels and crows.
When I made that comment about where you live I also meant some of you stories on your blog, they are interesting and amusing. I wish I could comment on something specific right now but nothing comes to mind... something about a stalker maybe? Or serial killers?